7 Blogs you Don’t Follow but Should

7 Blogs you Don’t Follow but Should

The blogs listed below are all ones that I would personally recommend very highly. Some you may have heard of. Others probably not. Either way, you should consider following them all because they each put out great content on a consistent basis.

These blogs fall into 3 main themes, engagement and marketing, search engine marketing and writing. These are the three key points you will want to focus on for your blogging and social media activities. You have to generate good content, you need to get it in front of people through direct engagement, and you always hope it’ll be found in the search engines.



1 tyjuana-wilson.com

You may already know of Ty Wilson from her contributions here are MuchSocial. Her 7 Stupid Simple Tips for Getting more Likes is one of the more popular posts on the site. I’ve known Ty for quite a while now. She’s a very talented writer who has gotten results for her clients. Now she is focusing on helping others do the same. Whether you want to make a living as a freelance writer, or you just want to improve your writings for your own blog or ad copy, I suggest you take a look at Ty’s Boot Camp.

2 dwritewell.com

I have known Daphne about as long as I have Ty (Roughly 5 years). Another gifted writer, Daphne “DWriteWell” Williams is a multi-talented writer/speaker. Not only does she have a successful blog, but she has an online radio show and offers many services from social media management, to copy writing and PR services. Daphne is an inspiration to all who know her, and her work ethic is off the charts! You can learn a great deal from following her.

Engagement and Marketing

3 adriennesmith.net

An expert on blogging and engagement, Adrienne Smith blogs regularly on the topic of blogging. Her tagline says it all. “Showing Bloggers How to Grow a Blog One Relationship at a Time”. I have known Adrienne for a while now via Facebook and twitter. Her “Question of the Day” on Facebook has been huge as far as creating opportunities to engage with people.  She has well earned the title of “Engagement Superstar”. Learn how to engage with your audience by following this blog.


4 adrianjock.com

I’ve gotten to know Adrian, and his content, over the past couple years via Twitter. This blog is packed full of all sorts of useful information that would help almost anyone trying to build any sort of business online. From email marketing to best practices on social networks, Adrian shares a little of everything with his readers. You are sure to find several pearls of wisdom to help your business.


5 tomblubaugh.net

Literary Strategist, Tom Blubaugh, has a great blog where he focuses on self published authors. Being one himself, Tom knows this genre quite well. Whether you have written a book, or plan to, you should take a look at what Tom has going on. He can help you get the word out about your book. Also, if you have not written a book, why not? If you have a business, you are an expert in some arena. Plus, a book is a great calling card. You get a boost from people who find it, and you build credibility with your existing audience by having written a book.


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM)

6 seo-hacker.com

The fact that this is the only non-U.S. based site on this list should not deter you. A lot of the “advise” we get from overseas, regarding SEO, is usually behind the times. Many are still pushing link building through blog commenting and such. But, Seo-Hacker is on top of things. Sean Si, the man behind the blog, is a highly intelligent person. He has built a great site that is an awesome resource for anyone who would like to keep up with what is going on in the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


7 seroundtable.com

Do you find it challenging to keep up with all the changes from Google? You are not alone. Search Engine Roundtable can help. No need to follow the Google blogs, which can be confusing in themselves. You can keep track of all the news involving Search Engines in this one location. Anything that may affect your site’s search rankings will be detailed here.


Pulling it All Together

Running any sort of business online takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But it also takes specialized knowledge. The above blogs (as well as this one of course) can go a long way to supplying you with the knowledge you need to operate your business.

Do you have a favorite blog you follow? Please let us know about it in the comment section below.




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4 thoughts on “7 Blogs you Don’t Follow but Should

  1. Hey Bill,

    Wow, thanks for including me on your list and besides Adrian I’m not familiar with these other bloggers. That’s what I love about roundup posts like this one though. It gives me the opportunity to head over to their place and check out what they share.

    I’m often asked how to write better content but that’s not my area of expertise. I have my own writing style which is very conversational. I think some people are looking for other ways. That’s why I enjoy connecting with freelance writers so I can point my readers in their direction so that when they need this help I’m able to give that to them in a round about way.

    SEO has never been my strong suit but I still find it interesting. We never want to get on Google’s bad side so I try to stay up on the latest things that are taking place. Thanks for introducing me to those two blogs and I’ll have to stop by.

    Thanks again for including me and you have an awesome day and Happy Easter.


  2. Thanks, will look these up and retweet for you.

  3. Hi Bill

    List is really amazing as I just glanced at a few of them while reading this and would love to be their regular follower.

    Earlier I was just following the Adrienne’ blog and now have a few more and I am sure would keep coming here for more useful shares.

    Thanks a lot for sharing mate

  4. Thank you for including my blog, Bill.

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