7 Stupid Simple Tricks to Get More Facebook Likes

7 Stupid Simple Tricks to Get More Facebook Likes

When I joined Facebook in 2009 I was so excited about not only reading my friends’ updates but sharing news of my own. I mean, dinner pictures will never get old.

Then in 2011 I launched my freelance writing company, TyLand and I knew if I share tons of content it would be liked, shared and become a lead-generating machine. Boy was I wrong. I had to learn what get shares and what got ignore.

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Ever read a Facebook post that makes a lot of common sense, is written in plain English (even with several typos!) and gets over 50 likes and over 100 shares? What if I told you that you can be that person, that Facebook friend or business that posts something that is likeable. Everyday people are doing it now.

I know; it’s not fair that you only have 100 Facebook friends and 30 Facebook likes on your business page. And I know; you don’t have time to be on Facebook all day “like some people”. And sure, you don’t have an extra $20 a day to spend on Facebook ads, just to boost a post.

Oh, but you can do this, just like the pros. Life is fair once again, and it’s your turn to shine on the largest social media network in the world. Here’s how:

1. Don’t use run-on sentences.

 When you use run-on sentences whenever you’re trying to say something on Facebook it makes the reader’s head ache and then they need to either keep scrolling for better content or they log off and visit their Pinterest page because they are now tired of reading words and want to look at pictures instead. Let’s try something new: Break it up. The text. The thoughts. The emotions. When your posts are easier to read, your friends and followers are more likely to read ‘em. It’s.That.Simple.

2. Don’t use filler words.

 Personally speaking, when I am reading Facebook posts I think to myself that some of you just want to post something just to say “I posted something.” Basically, it’s pointless to use words like “basically” and “personally” or to use a phrase like “I think to myself”. Now I’m ready to sing “What a Wonderful World.” Ugh.

3. Do say what’s on your mind.

 You are allowed to share your thoughts, no matter how offensive they may be. Be ready to get unfriended or unliked though because when you speak the truth, it can hurt. But, just think of the other people who will like or share your thoughts because they like truths? And let’s face it: it feels good to get stuff off the old chest.

4. Do relate to your readers.

 Remember when you struggled to grow your Facebook network? Remember when you struggled to get a decent Internet connection? Why not share your struggle stories with your peeps. Show them if you can make it out of a hardship, so can they.

5. Do post a meme.

Look at your Facebook newsfeed. What is getting more likes and shares nowadays? It’s the memes. Image really is everything, especially when it jokingly says what the masses are thinking. Bonus points for adding a link to your Facebook page, onto the meme.

6. Do create your own memes.

 With all the apps and sites out here, there is no reason why you aren’t coming up with your own one-liners.

7. Do put your $20 away.

 Thinking of boosting a post but don’t want to spend (read: waste) your money? Drop one dollar on a post. Let it run for a day. Make sure you adjust the settings to share with the right audience. So if you’re talking about the FOX hit “Empire”, make sure to go after those who watch that show and other shows like it (Power comes to mind).

What’s great about these tips (like almost all of my tips) is that you can get to work on them now. Take the content on Facebook you already have –  the stuff that nobody liked or shared that is – and click that “edit” button. From there you can break up your sentences, remove the filler crap, speak your mind and feel for your readers.

Or…go to memegenerator.net or open up Paint, and create a meme. Get some laughs at least. If you’re feeling daring, go ahead and put $1.00 a day on a boosted post. Keep in mind, you aren’t allowed to have more than 20 percent of your image filed with text, so think short and snappy when you create your memes.

Now let me know if these tips are helpful. Post a comment below!


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