All Good Things

MuchSocial started out as just a social media blog. The world really did not need another, but I thought it did at the time. And, the topics did range quite a bit, branching out beyond just social media.

I operated MuchSocial for right at 2 years.During that time, I managed to convert it from simply a blog, to more of an agency. Trying to bootstrap an agency, working with small businesses, proved quite difficult in, my position.

A. I was still working a full time job in architecture, so the hours that most business owners were actually conducting business, I was at my job. That made it difficult to make face to face meetings. And….

B. Trying to learn the particulars of several different types of businesses was a huge undertaking. Even if they did not want me generating content (that’s a whole other level), I still needed to be familiar with all the specific industry terminology, just to ensure their search engine optimization was up to speed.

Throw in a divorce, and you can see why this page has sat for a couple of years now. And, I have no intention of reviving it. Perhaps, one day, I will have a use for it again. You never know.

But, I have now decided to go in a different direction. Rather than trying to focus my attention on a variety of businesses, why not focus on a narrow type of business, one in which I actually operate, and for which I have a massive passion?

Autonomy Talent will focus on helping creatives to turn their artistic endeavors from a hobby, into something that can earn them a living. Yes, we will be a full service agency, offering Consulting, Production, Distribution and Promotion, but there is another element.

Many people, who are trying to get something started in their creative field, do not have a lot of money to invest with an agency. And frankly, many of them are not ready to work with us yet.

So, I am putting together a comprehensive strategy, complete with teams, tactics and support, that anyone can use to grow their artistic business. All this will be provided for free. A. To help as many people as possible, and B. To weed out the ones who are not willing to put in the work.

All this was as much for my benefit as anyone. Getting these ideas out of my head, and onto the screen, so that they are out in the universe, makes them real.

Please visit our new home, Autonomy Talent