3 Major Workflows to Build Websites in 2015 (infographic)

3 Major Workflows to Build Websites in 2015 (infographic)

How to Build Websites in 2015

Do you have plans to build websites this year? There are 3 major workflows. How to Build a Website in 2015 by Rukzuk has shown us 3 of the most common workflows so you can decide what best fits your skill set.

There’s tons of different ways to go from client briefing to live production websites. We’ve put the 3 most common workflows up against each other.

Traditional Waterfall: Building static designs and handing them off to the web developers for implementation. Comparing Traditional Systems Analysis and Design with Agile Methodologies. The University of Missouri-St. Louis has an interesting article on the traditional waterfall approach.

Design in the Browser: Using HTML and CSS as design tool and writing production code from the start. Joel Diaz of tutsplus.com shared a thought provoking article “My Thoughts on Designing in the Browser vs. Designing in Photoshop.”

Modern Toolkit: Using visual design tools that were built for the web and export live, working code. Some even include a CMS.

Often when we build websites, we lose sight of the end user. Always keep the user experience in mind, especially when designing forms.

How to build websites in 2015

Ask Yourself When You Build Websites

  • Is the flow of the form logical?
  • Are the controls appropriate for the user’s needs?
  • Can I help the user with default values such as date or user name?

Use proper tab order so that the user can easily navigate the fields, and insert helpful comments where the fields or flow are not self-explanatory. By keeping the end user in mind, you will add much value to your business processes.

Each of the 3 workflows for when we build websites in 2015 we’ve covered in the infographic, has strengths and weaknesses.

What’s your workflow of choice? We’d love to hear?

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