Tools of the Trade

Many of the blog posts and pages here at MuchSocial reference various Social Media Tools to help make your Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing easier. We include search as Social and Search marketing are virtually one in the same today. Each affects the other significantly. And, since your Blog should be your main social hub, we also include some great WordPress tools that will help you manage your site like a pro.

For your convenience, all the tools mentioned in various places around have been compiled here by category. Some of these Social Media Tools are free, others are premium, and many have both free and premium versions.

WordPress Tools

We talk about this all the time, but let's mention it again here. Having your own piece of Internet Real Estate is critical if you hope to have any sort of success. You cannot rely on social platforms and free blog sites alone anymore. There was a time when that was enough, but that time has long since passed. Here at MuchSocial, we recommend a WordPress based Website with a custom theme, as well as several critical plugins you will want to install for any type of website. These tools will help you start your WordPress site, and keep it running at peak performance and make it simple to get professional results, even for the beginner.


DSOE-hosting-logoOther than, the home of the worlds largest open source website platform, the next most important item you need is hosting. You have to own a piece of server space for your website to live. That is why we have partnered with for our hosting services. With high quality cloud based hosting, starting at only $4 a month, you can't go wrong. Need more bandwidth? Virtual Private Networks (VPN) start at only $15 a month. You cannot find a better hosting platform in this price range.



Social Proof

Social Proof (also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation) does two things to help you.

  1. It lends credibility when someone visits your site. If others are willing to share your content, it's more likely it is of value.
  2. Search engines see these markers, and they affect rankings. Social Proof has become more and more important for SEO with each subsequent update Google has released.

Basically, Likes, Tweets, Stumbles and any share on any other social platform is considered "Social Proof". It takes a LOT of it to stand out in today's market.

These tools are a great start to gaining more "proof" on your sites.

socialadr-social-proofSocialAdr is the first on the list here. I ahve been using this tool for over 5 years now and it has consistently generated social proof for my various websites in that time. It is a credit based service, so be prepared to earn some credits by sharing content, or you can always purchase credits either on a one time basis or in a monthly allotment as a premium member.

justretweets-social-proofJustReTweet is another service I use regularly to generate social proof and drive traffic. You have to share content from others to gain credits, but if you blog weekly, it's not hard to earn enough to boost those posts. The best part of this service is, they are strict about what is allowed. You won't get a lot of spammy sales pages here. This service is designed to help people promote their content, and that content is well moderated. This means two things. One, the content you will be sharing for others will be of a high quality, and if you are putting out good content, you will get some high quality Social Proof from other people who are known for producing and sharing quality.