How To Target Your Market Like the Big Boys

How To Target Your Market Like the Big Boys

Often times, being loud is the best way to be ignored. Then again, it all depends on your market.

Let’s look at two examples for television commercials we have all seen. One for a discount brand, say Kia, and one for a higher end brand, say Lexus. How do their commercials differ? The primary difference is volume level.

Over the Top or Underwhelming

The Kia commercial likely has a guy shouting loudly about the specials going on “right now” at your local dealership. They usually repeat the price at least 2 or 3 times just so they know you heard it. the graphics are typically moving fast across the screen, and the whole thing feels like it’s being played at double speed.

Contrast that with the Lexus commercial. The announcer has a soft voice, with a rather low tone. He speaks calmly and clearly, and there is often little mention of price unless to pass on an incentive. The car is often moving in slow motion, or sitting still. The colors are more muted rather than flashy primary colors, and the entire feeling of the commercial relays a sense of peace and tranquility.

Quite a stark contrast I’d say. Both are highly effective ads, to their respective markets, but the interesting part lies in the WHY they are so successful even though they are so different. Simple. Each is designed for a certain market.

Yes, It IS Profiling

Lower income individuals are typically less educated. They come from more modest backgrounds and they are not attracted to the more sophisticated ads. On the flip side, the louder, and more flashy commercials would typically appeal to them more.

On the flip side, the more affluent are normally more educated and expect a certain level of quality. They look more at the features and benefits, as well as the status represented by the products they choose. That’s why a more sophisticated seeming commercial will appeal to them more.

Yes, I know I’m stereotyping, and I know this dose not apply in all cases, but it obviously does in most. If these markets did not respond this way, the commercials would not continue along these lines for decades. These are proven methods of reaching an audience. Profiling is a part of marketing. Broad strokes do get the fence painted quicker you know.

How Does This Translate to Online Marketing?

So let’s translate this to the online marketing space, particularly in social media. You have a similar contrast in styles. lots of people post stuff with pictures of expensive cars and houses, bright colors, flashing banners and scantily clad people. when possible, they will even have a boisterous announcer shouting to the audience. Serious business minded people tune these out. They are just the background noise that we have to wade through to get to anything decent. Only the inexperienced would be interested in this, but if that’s your target, then go for it. I’ve known lots of people who make a living off marketing to the total newbie online marketers. There is always a steady flow of fresh meat, it just means your lifetime value of a customer isn’t going to be that great. You will be constantly chasing new customers.

Target Market

Hitting Your Target

Who is your target market? Can you narrow it down? Ideally you would like to determine who your ideal customer is. Often referred to as your “Avatar”, this person is the ideal customer for your business. Give this person a name. What do they do for a living. Are they married? Have kids? What are their hobbies? How far is their commute? Where do they live?any notable personality traits? Hair color? Height/weight?What is his/her favorite color, food, drink and sports team? What type of shoes and clothing does this person wear? Are you getting a clear picture? In short, you need to be intimately familiar with every aspect of this person.



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