Ideas Don’t Pay the Bills

Ideas Don’t Pay the Bills

You’re an “Idea Man” huh? That’s great. How’s that working out for ya? How many of those ideas have increased your bank balance?

So many people see leaders like Steve Jobs and think that pouring out ideas is all it takes to be successful. What they don’t look at is all the work he put into cultivating his team. Sure, once Apple started getting big, he did very little of the actual development. He hired people to handle that. Same with Bill Gates. Gates once spoke of the smartest guy in one of his college classes, and how the guy now works for him. But, those ideas still had to have action to turn them into reality, even if the originator of said idea was not the one performing the tasks.

This is two posts in a row that I’ve reference Gary Vaynerchuk, but there isn’t a quote that better defines this post, and it’s actually the quote that inspired me to do this one.

Ideas are CRAP! Execution is where it’s at.

During a recent keynote at USC, Gary dropped this and a lot of other one liners. Most are less family friendly than this one, but all were priceless gems. During this part of the speech, Gary drove home the point that ideas, without execution, are completely worthless. If you have an idea, and do not act on it, you can bet someone else will have it.

I’ve actually experienced this myself. Several times, I have had an idea, and for one reason or another did not follow through on it. Within a year, I saw someone else had done that exact thing, almost precisely how I had envisioned. What a sinking feeling.

The greatest ideas are worthless if not acted upon. What if someone had an idea to cure cancer, but never tested it? What if someone figured out how to reach light speed, but never developed the device required? If we all have ideas we never pursued, what might the world look like if every idea had been acted upon?

I used to pride myself on being an “Idea Man”. Not anymore.The time for action is yesterday.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

~Ronald Reagan

Have you ever had an idea, and later saw that someone else had executed it. It almost feels like they were in your head doesn’t it? Want to know how to not feel that way anymore? TAKE ACTION! Do not wait. If an idea strikes you, think it over, be sure it’s viable, then RUN with it.

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