Optimize Website for SEO? Detailed Infographic

Optimize Website for SEO?  Detailed Infographic

So You Want to Optimize Website’s

If you’re a webmaster, then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the term “optimize website” over and over again. Heck, you’ve probably even heard it referred in different ways too, such as Pagespeed and SEO. In this infographic, we’re going to cover what it means to optimize website’s for SEO and some on-page elements that you should constantly keep in mind.

An optimize webiste can increase the likelihood of:

  • Higher rankings in Google and Bing.
  • Earned traffic from social platforms.
  • Links and shares.
  • Building a brand and drawing in repeat visitors.

A few thing this infographic will cover:

  • Page url
  • Page meta description tag
  • Page title tag
  • Page header tag
  • Page article copy
  • Page visual assets
  • Page embed code
  • Page social media widgets
  • Page open graph meta tags
  • Page twitter cards

The Infographic You’d Been Waiting For Has Arrived!

Here is the infographic on how to optimize website’s for SEO. It’s really long, but is a handy little guide and reminder of some of the most important on-page techniques that are commonly used by marketing and SEO professionals.

optimize website infographic

Infographic Source

Thanks to Juntae Delane – Digital Marketing Strategist for this awesome infographic that he originally shared via his blog. Thanks man! 😀

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Optimize Website for SEO? Detailed #Infographic.

Posted by MuchSocial on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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