How Podcasts Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience

How Podcasts Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience

In the past two years, the market for Podcasts has exploded. For example, Apple split off podcasts into their own app outside the iTunes app on mobile devices. The number of podcast shows is increasing rapidly, and the number of people consuming content via a podcast is growing exponentially. And even with all that, the surface has barely been scratched. I know many people who still wonder, “What is a podcast?”

What Is a Podcast?

The term Podcast has been around for a while, but there is is still a great deal of confusion around it. Simply put, a podcast is a recorded show that you can download, or stream, and listen to at your leisure. They are normally audio, but there are video podcasts out there as well. If video is not stated however, it is assumed to be an audio only show.

It’s all part of the trend of “Time Shifted Media” that was started with the now extinct Tivo. Personally, I rarely consume any content as it is being broadcast. What little TV I watch is recorded via the DVR, and my radio consumption consists almost entirely of podcasts I listen to via iTunes.

There are podcasts available on just about any topic you can imagine. While most are informative, there are those that are strictly for entertainment. From comedy shows to serialized programs airing weekly, there is plenty available to meet your entertainment needs. But, for our purposes, let’s focus on the informational shows.

I have my favorites, and will share a few of them with you in a moment. They are mostly business related, but some are more family or relationship focused.

Where do I Find Podcasts?

So where do you find these podcast shows? On Apple devices, iOS 7.0 and later, there is a separate app just for podcasts. Previous versions had them within the iTunes app. On Android devices you can either try Google Play or download the stand alone podcast app called Stitcher. There are others, but Stitcher is the most popular. They are even starting to install it in some of the smart radio equipped vehicles today. options are similar via PC or Mac. Also, when you find a show you like, you can often stream the show right from their website if they have the plugin, which most will.

Now, for some of the shows I recommend. Each has its strong points.

    • The 48 Days podcast by Dan Miller has to top this list. I have been following Dan for many years and even sold his programs as an affiliate for a while. Dan’s show is usually him answering questions submitted to his website, but he has the occasional guest on the show too.
    • The SoloPreneur Hour with Michael O’Neal is one of my favorites. This 3 day a week show features guest with expertise in certain areas of life and business. Michael’s conversational style helps to draw insights from his guests that most would skip over.
    • The Podcast Answer Man with Cliff¬† Ravenscraft should be top of your list if you want to start your own podcast. Cliff covers everything from gear, to technique, to recording and promoting your show. The School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson is another I would recommend in this category.
    • The Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner is a weekly show that covers topics relating to all areas of social media marketing. In conjunction with the website, Social Media Examiner, you can keep tabs on most everything going on in the world of Social Media today.
    • The Strategist Radio with my friend Tony Marino is one you should check out too. Tony does a 30 minute show every week day that airs live at 6AM Pacific time and the recording is released as a podcast immediately upon completion of the show. Each day Tony covers topics of particular interest to those in marketing, and on Friday he does a special edition on book marketing.
    • Confessions of a Terrible Husband is one of my new favorites. A self professed marriage NON-Expert, Nick Pavlidis is on a quest to become a better husband, and he invites us all to join him on that path. Women will also appreciate this show, so don’t think it’s only for the guys.

Why Should I Start a podcast

Podcasting today is what blogging was back around 2005. It’s the next major medium. So popular is it that many traditional media outlets are now turning to podcasting. Currently, shows from NPR hold several of the top spots on iTunes.

The number of consumers coming to podcasts is growing exponentially. If your target market isn’t there yet, they will be soon. Are you going to be there for them to find? If not, you can bet your competition will.

In case you had not noticed, I’m a huge fan of this new medium. I listen daily and even have several of my won shows in the works. My business partner, Jason, and I are working on putting together a show you will surely enjoy too.

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