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branding-ironMarketing has two purposes. One, to acquire leads, and two, to increase brand awareness. But, before anyone can be aware of a brand, there has to be a cohesive Brand Message. Particularly, Small Business struggle with the Branding Message. It's not their fault, there are simply too many things to do in a 24 hour period, and Business Branding often takes a back seat to what may appear to be more pressing concerns.

Today, a brand strategy involves many elements, from being optimized for search to a strong social presence. Establishing a Brand Identity on Social Media is crucial to almost any business. Whether you are a small local shop or a multi-national corporation, ensuring a strong social presence is the single best way to establish your Brand.

At MuchSocial, we will help establish and maintain your Brand across all your social platforms. In doing so, we will help you to engage with your audience in ways that make you stand out in your market, and cause you to be the go-to place in the minds of your customers.

Social Media and SEO

PPH-Sidebar-Banner-350x350Since Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing have become so integrated in recent years, they now fall into the same category. If you want to learn more about just how this melding of the methods took place, click the image on the left below to download the free report.

At MuchSocial, our name says it all. There is so Much to do when it comes to Social Media and Search Engine Marketing that it can be overwhelming. That is why, besides our free content and premium consultation for the DIY Social Marketer, we offer a full range of services. Whether you need to create a complete social brand presence, or you simply need someone who can add some page posts or run an ad campaign, we are here to help.

The real key is tracking. We will be able to definitely prove which marketing efforts are paying off, and which are not, and adjust accordingly. This helps you reduce costs.

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    Below is a partial list of the types of services we can offer you.

    • Set-up social accounts
    • Create a Bio and Brand imaging native to each Platform
    • Cross link Social Platforms and integrate Your Website
    • Generate Quality Content for Your Social Media Channels
    • Help you build an audience through both organic and paid promotion
    • Custom tailored email marketing series to drive new prospects towards being new customers
    • Campaigns tailored to your needs be it Brand Awareness or Direct to Conversions
    • Social Media account management

    We do not list any pricing simply because each quote is completely custom tailored to fit Your specific needs. You may want to maintain your own accounts, but need help setting them up. Maybe you only need someone to run an ad campaign now and then, or maybe just some consulting as guidance on how best to proceed with Your current Social Strategy.

    If it's a website, app, or other web property you need built, Visit our DESIGN page to learn about what we can offer. Otherwise, scroll down to the bottom of this page NOW and request a quote. We look forward to speaking with you.